Heard Of Salvestrols Yet?

tomatoes growing

Growing Tomatoes

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No one could imagine the joy I felt when I read the first Orthomolecular Journal article on this new compound that is found in plants. But, only in the plants that are NOT being grown by our current agricultural technology. I am not sure about any other country, but for sure here in the United States we are growing our food wrong. Can you imagine that we have done something like this? When plant life is growing it has a food chain it lives in, just like humans who also live in one. However, with plants, like the plant food we eat, when a pathogen attacks them, they make something with which to fight their attacker. Isn’t that amazing in itself? We certainly do not have that feature. Well, we do in a way but it is kind of different.

grapes growing in a vineyard

The Vineyard

In plants, something we call Salvestrols are part of a plants defense mechanism. When a pathogen, say like a fungus, would attack a fruit, then the plant of the fruit will synthesize a pathogen specific Salvestrol right there on the fruit at the site of the attack, and it will enter into the pathogen. These Salvestrols are then metabolized by a tumor-specific CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer cells that begins a process of reactions including apoptosis, which is cell death.(1-8) So that these phytonutrients that we call Salvestrols do nothing to us, but when they enter a cancer cell, this enzyme inside the cancer cell, in metabolizing this phytonutrient, causes the cell to kill itself.(9-10) Now that is pretty amazing. Since then, we have also found out that the modern way we grow our food en masse with all of our new technology has bred this particular phytonutrient out of the plant.



You see the plant only makes this phytonutrient when it is under attack. We now use pesticides and other agricultural techniques so that we can grow our farmed food to a certain height without them getting plant diseases, to keep our costs down and our profit up. Without plant diseases attacking our plants, the plants do not have to make this phytonutrient to save itself. Therefore we have significantly depleted the amount of this nutrient currently found in our food, and therefore unfortunately also depleted its benefit for us in killing cancer cells inside our bodies. With this knowledge one can only deduce that a switch in the diet to organic produce would be greatly recommended to prevent being less healthy especially when it comes to whether or not you might get cancer. And of course you already exercise, right? My guess is that no one out there as well as myself wants to conduct a battle with cancer, especially without arming oneself with some new weapons. The weapons of choice in this prevention are also biotin, to stimulate production of the enzyme, niacin & magnesium to stimulate the activation mechanism, exercise to receive the metabolic rate necessary, iron for, in the core of this CYP1B1 enzyme, and vitamin C to prevent premature oxidation of the Salvestrols.(11-12)

many different fresh produce

Fresh Organic Produce

We use the Salvestrols we get from our plant food to help our body rid itself of cancerous cells. I do not know about you, but I want to find out more about this, much more. Read for yourself in the archives for free and learn how to be healthier.



GO TO THIS CHART AND CLICK ON THE YEAR 2007 THE 4TH  QUARTER AND READ:…….Nutrition and Cancer: Salvestrol Case Studies
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CLICK ON THE 1ST QUARTER IN 2007 AND READ:…….. Salvestrols: A New Perspective in Nutritional Research
Page 39 

CLICK ON THE YEAR 2006 AND THE 1ST QUARTER AND READ:…….. Salvestrols–Natural Products with Tumour Selective Activity
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An Orthomolecular doctor always should be consulted for dosages etc.

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