Anti-Aging Anyone

Nerium international Inc LogoWhy would you believe that a new treatment for anti-aging works?

Maybe because it sold $100 million in the first year it was open.

And, because it has proven itself to you in the first 90 days that you used it, or sooner.

This all depends on how much work it has to do, and your age, but you can usually see the difference in the first month, if you take your “before” photo.

Nerium Intenational 30 day money back guarantee logoThis is why the company gives you a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you buy this bottle and use the cream night treatment every night for 30 days, and do not like the difference it makes for you, then the company is willing to give you your money back.

They believe in the science behind their product and their product so much that they also hold a contest called the 90 Days Real Results Contest, which rewards the winner with a fabulous vacation and plenty of benefits.



They know it works.

They just do not know how it will work for you, good, great, or fantastic.

What is the name of this company?

NeriumAD anti-aging treatment bottleNerium International is the company that made $100 million in their first year and no other new company has ever done that before.

They are currently in their second year and are projected to make over $200 million this year.

The company, Nerium International, used an independent research company not related to themselves called ST&T Research of San Francisco.

ST&T is an independent research company with prominent Ph.D. and M.D. toxicologists and pharmacologists, along with other physicians, researchers, scientists, and includes regulatory compliance specialists.

These specialised researchers work together with the world’s finest research institutions, universities, legal and regulatory organisations (FDA-FTC), product manufacturers, and customs/transportation entities.

The president of ST&T is Michael Scott and he has some standards that he uses which are different than that of previous researchers.

Even though one can see the results of NeriumAD with the naked eye, Dr. Scott uses strict scientific methods and machines, instead of the objective kind of research most spas use to try and sell their own products.

ST&T uses a kind of scanning system that can detect what is not visible to the naked eye as well as what is, and should be used for all research trials for skin research.

This equipment was invented for and used to detect cracks in microchips. No wonder it is so good detecting those emerging lines that we cannot even see yet.


The clinical trials for NeriumAD were performed under strict exacting standards with this equipment.

The participants were followed for either 90 days or 180 days and they were able to maintain their results, even when they were done with their sample product for the research.

It is such a good feeling to finally be shown a company that cares enough to do things right.

Nerium International stands behind their product, and they only put natural ingredients into NeriumAD.

This is to be commended in this generation of GMO plants and synthetic ingredients.

How do you want to look as time goes by?


About Mother

Mother is someone who has always looked for a second way to fix a health problem mostly because she started out by being allergic to most medications. She had to find herbal remedies for even the most common ailments, and in the process she became educated with a B.S. in Physiology and another degree in Molecular Biology. For a time Mother worked in the field of Molecular Epidemiology in Virology, on viruses and bacteria. Mother also later became ill with a very rare illness called Histiocytosis X. Mother is one of the very lucky ones who lived. She has proceeded to continue to learn all that she can about this illness in case there is any way she could be of help to others with this disease so that they too can survive. Mother is intent on helping those who want to learn about herbs and natural remedies for what ails them.
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