Solved My GERD Problem

GERD stands for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease

GERD photo with special thanks to for the photo

I never would have thought this could happen. I am ecstatic about my GERD being gone, and I was not even trying.

It all happened when I found a supplement that was new to me. It is designated to help heal my injured tendons, muscles, and connective tissue problems.

I have injured tendons due to an accident in my right hand and wrist, which makes it very hard to play the piano or peel an apple. These are things I must do and they pain me greatly. I also have injured connective tissue on the right side of my abdomen due to a car wreck that makes it harder than it should be for me to sing. Then I have tendon and muscle problems in my legs either from, improper walking or positioning of my feet, and I have even had physical therapy to help me fix that, or it is something that they have not identified as of yet.

I am greatly impressed with the supplements that Garden Of Life makes as they are made from organic non-GMO food. I have replaced the supplement brands that I was using with Garden of Life supplements. One day I was on the internet checking out some of their supplements and I found one I had not seen. It is a supplement that works to help your body “heal”, yes I said heal, the injured muscles, tendons and connective tissue, if you happen to have these problems.

Since I have pain due to these injuries, I thought that I might check this out. It contains digestive enzymes, but it does not contain the digestive enzymes that other companies sell to relieve your heartburn and acid reflux.

I know these enzymes because I use them. They work to relieve a mosquito bite or “tenderize” your meat before cooking it. These enzymes do this either by breaking down the proteins in the meat thereby making it tender to eat, or breaking down the protein based mosquito venom thereby stopping the itching, respectively.

Now when you eat the fruits from which these enzymes come, the enzymes break down the fruit so that it can be digested more easliy. That is if you eat the fruit raw, this happens. If you do not eat it raw then you have changed the enzymes and they no longer work properly to do this.

A Table showing the signs and symptoms of GERD

Table with Signs and Symptoms of GERD with thanks to for the table

So as you can understand, they function to help you digest the proteins in your food, so the proteins can be broken down in your stomach and intestines into something that your body can use, to give you vital nutrients, energy and even more.

Okay. As I was taking the supplements to help heal my tendons, I noticed that my stomach did not hurt anymore. I had no heartburn, no bloating, no gas, and amazingly enough I had forgotten to take my stomach medicine.

These new supplements had taken me off my regular schedule of consuming my daily vitamins and my medications, because I had to take three of these pills and then wait forty-five minutes before I ate any food. I may have forgotten to mention that I cannot swallow pills, so without food I can take no pills. By the time I could eat food my tummy was really empty and I was really ready for some food to fill up my stomach. During this new process in my morning, I had forgotten to take my stomach medicine. This could have been because my stomach did not hurt, therefore I was not reminded to take it.

a photo showing your stomach and where the reflux happens

Showing About Your Stomach and Esophageal Reflux with special thanks to for the photo

After a day or two of this, I remembered that I had not taken any of my stomach medicine. I had tried to get off of it before but this pill was a proton pump inhibitor which you are not supposed to just stop using without telling your doctor or something. When I had stopped taking this medication previously I had severe abdominal pain until it was so bad that I had to start taking the medicine again.

I did not want to take my stomach medicine because I believed that anything that would change how my proton pump worked could not be healthy for the rest of my body. I had also read the insert given to you by the pharmacist about the medication and I was right, it was not a good thing in the long run. It can also cause a healthy dose of diarrhea which I had to put up with once in a while. The medicinal name for it was Pantoprazole.

During this time I realized that my hands did not hurt as bad as they did before I started taking the new supplement. My body even had less aches and pains in general than it did before.

a table showing nonpharmacologic treatments for GERD

Nonpharmacologic Treatments For GERD with thanks to for the table

So now I was going to test this new supplement and I decided to stop taking them for two days to see how my stomach felt, and how my muscles and tendons felt.

This was a life changing event. The next two days were terribly painful. The pain throughout my body as my muscles began to ache constantly was not fun. My stomach also began to give me heartburn, bloating and gas all over again.

I was astonished.

I had done something to help two of my health problems at the same time.

By the next day I was back to taking them again and I am still taking them.

With this supplement, which is called “Wobenzym N” and it is made by “Garden Of Life”, it says that you take three of them in the morning before food, wait forty-five minutes then eat. You are also supposed to work your way up to three more before dinner and eventually get up to taking twelve of them daily to heal your muscles.

I am not there yet, but I am on my way and I cannot wait to see the results with the increase.

I will keep you posted.

Now comes the intricate part, but I do want you to keep reading because I am going to explain some things to you.

Here goes.

Let us start with what my doctor told me. After she did an endoscopy on me she told me that she had taken out some dysplasia from my stomach.

Any word that starts with “dys” simply cannot be good when it concerns a body part, especially when it is my stomach. It is not cancer but it could become cancer. I get that.

Then she said I have Barrett’s esophagus. Let me just put in one thing here that is scientific, but it comes with explanations. “Barrett’s esophagus – intestinal metaplasia (changes of the epithelial cells from squamous to intestinal columnar epithelium) of the distal esophagus.” 1

This is new data for me but they are learning so much more on an almost daily basis now. I had never heard these words before. Simply, this is something that creates the acid reflux for a longer period of time. I knew I had this but I did not know it had a name. My husband calls it the “Dance Of Death” when I get up out of the bed to do something like a dance where I swing both my arms up and down from above my head and at the same time I am bringing my knees up to my chest.

Ah, so you recognize this dance too. Maybe you or your spouse has a name for your dance? Anyway, it comes from not being able to get rid of the heartburn that is in your chest or back, and it even hurts when you breathe.

Is it becoming even more familiar now? At any rate, my “Dance Of Death” works and I am now able to get back to sleeping or whatever I was doing before it came upon me.

Apparently this is also worse for your chances of dysplasia, which are “Abby Normal” cells (abnormal but not cancerous for those of you who do not reference the movie “Young Frankenstein” ;-)) ).

Since this was the first endoscopy I had gone through and I am well into my adult life, possibly even two-thirds of it, I am not too worried about it happening again. However, now that I have no more heartburn, I am very excited and without concern about my doctor finding any more dysplasia.  I am not too big on this procedure or anyone putting me to sleep, as I am allergic to most medications. But, my doctor and her staff do a great job with my allergy problems and have not killed me due to my allergies, yet anyway.

In the meantime, my tendons and muscles have been well enough for me to sing and play my music as well as peel apples and potatoes. And now I will get started on taking more of this supplement to heal my tendons, muscles and connective tissue.

Wobenzym N

Wobenzym N

I have done my research and have found that it does not matter how long you take these enzymes, there is no weird side effect from taking it for a long length of time. And I have found that taking more of them is also not a problem. I would never have increased the dosage until I had researched this myself. I want to know before I try anything exactly what is in store for me if I act on something. I am just a nerd like that. ;-))

Wobenzym N Ingredients

Wobenzym N Ingredients

Garden of Life Wobenzym N

If and when you might begin to take this great Wobenzym N yourself and see the difference that it makes in your life, the first thing to do is discuss it with your doctor, as I did, to make certain there is no problem with you taking this supplement to begin with. And secondly, please drop me a comment and let me know how it affected your life.

Even if you try other enzymes. I would like to hear about it.

I am Mother you know and we like to know about our children…….all of them

Thanks to Garden of Life for changing my life for the better.



Writer, Scientist, Physiologist, Musician, Wellness Consultant


1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease. (2014, October 27). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 22:27, November 8, 2014, from


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